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Easy-to-Use File Zipper

Easy-to-Use File Zipper

Our file zipper tool excels in the precise and swift compression of files. With a simple click, you can efficiently reduce the file size to easily store, share, and organize your files. Due to the user-friendly interface, you can compress your files without any technical knowledge.

Rapid Conversion to Zip Format

Rapid Conversion to Zip Format

The rapid conversion to zip files not only saves you valuable time but also streamlines the process. Whether you're archiving important files or sending files to your friends, the quick conversion to zip format will enhance your work efficiency, enabling you to focus on productivity rather than file management.

Unlimited File Types and File Sizes

Unlimited File Types and File Sizes

Our web-based compression tool for creating zip files has no limitation on file types and file sizes. Whether you are dealing with a document, text, image, web, spreadsheet files, or any file type, our tool will convert it to zip files easily. Furthermore, there are no limitations on file size, making it a hassle-free solution.

Compatibility Across Multiple Platforms and Browsers

Compatibility Across Multiple Platforms and Browsers

Our ZIP file creator functions seamlessly on a variety of platforms such as Mac, Linux, Android, and iPhone, and operates efficiently on popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and more. This ensures compatibility across different devices and operating systems, providing a versatile solution for users.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Our online zip file converter offers a seamless integration with various sources. Users can effortlessly upload files from popular cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox, as well as directly from their devices. This feature not only enhances convenience but also ensures that your files are easily accessible and shareable across different platforms, providing a user-friendly experience.

Robust Security Measures

Robust Security Measures

Our trustworthy online ZIP file creator employs well-established security measures to safeguard users’ compressed files. Users can confidently visit our website and upload their confidential files for precise and lossless compression, ensuring full security throughout the process.


Steps to create a ZIP file are as follows:

1 . Click on the drop-down arrow and select Dropbox/Google Drive or upload files from your device.
2 . Click on the ‘Zip Files’ button and you can add files using the “Add More’ button.
3 . The tool will compress all the selected files into a single zip file.
4 . Click on the ‘Download’ button to share or store the Zip file.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to convert multiple files to Zip files online?

There are two methods to convert multiple files to single Zip files either by creating a folder or by selecting each file individually. In the create folder method, you need to create a folder on your computer, then add all files to it, and upload the entire folder to the browser. Then, download the generated Zip file and transfer it to your Pendrive, Google Drive, or any other storage place. Alternatively, in selecting each file method, you need to select each file individually on our website to zip them. Then, download the zipped file and move it safely to your storage device.2nd method is to select each file to zip individually, zip the file using our website, and download the file online. Move it to the other storage device safely.

What operating system and browser does this platform support?

Our supports all operating systems that convert files to a zip file or folder on browsers. Our developers have tested it to work well on any OS (E.g. Windows, Mac, Android, etc.). Make sure you use the popular and latest versions of browsers on your system like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox for better performance.

What is the difference between zip file and zip.exe?

A zip file is a compressed or archived collection of one or more files, utilizing a compression algorithm, while zip.exe is an executable file attached to a filename, used to create zip files through a program. To access the content within a .exe file, a zip file opener can be utilized without the need to install any software. To open a zip file use our online tool: 1.

How do I send zip files through email?

To email zip files, open your email and select 'Attach Files.' Choose the zip file by browsing through your files. Compose your message, then click 'Send' to attach the zip files. Make sure to check file size limits. Alternatively, you can use a trustworthy free online tool like to zip the file, download it to your device, and easily send it via email.

How do I create a zip file in Google Drive?

To create a zip file in Google Drive, you need select the files in Google Drive that you want to include in the zip file. Click on the three dots and choose the 'Download' option. Once downloaded, right-click on the file, select 'Add to archive,' choose the zip format, specify the save location, and then upload it back to Google Drive. Another option is to use, upload the file from Google Drive, click on the 'zip file', and then select the 'Download' option. Afterward, send the zipped file back to Google Drive.

Does the Zip file contain any viruses?

The files which are Zipped are not harmful and do not contain viruses. A Zip file is simply a compressed archive that can hold one or more files. However, it's essential to be cautious when dealing with Zip files obtained from untrusted or unknown sources. To safeguard your computer from authentic viruses, install antivirus software and keep it running all the time.

Does Windows 10 come with WinZip?

No, Windows 10 does not support WinZip software for converting files to zip format. If you wish to use WinZip, you'll need to download and install it separately. Alternatively, you can use external software or utilize online platforms like, a free online tool that easily converts files to zip format or opens zip files.

Why do I sometimes have trouble sending a zip file through email?

Sometimes, sending a zip file through email can be trouble because of internet connection problems, file size limits, security issues, or service restrictions. To fix this, ensure your zip files are within size limits, consider renaming them with different extensions, or try uploading the file to Google Drive or Dropbox and then share the link in your email.

How do I zip a large file on a Mac?

The best method to zip a large file on a Mac is to visit our, upload the file on the browser, and click on the 'zip file' button. The large file is now zipped. Click on the 'Download' button and share or store the reduced file easily.

Is it safe to allow access to my drive?

Your data security is our top priority. We follow strict privacy measures and employ SSL encryption methods. Granting access to your drive is solely to zip your files for easy sharing and storing. Be assured that we do not make any changes to your files and your data remains confidential. If you have any concerns or questions about the access request, you can contact us at

How can I upload files from my drive/dropbox?

Click on the drop-down arrow and select Dropbox/Google Drive. Select the Google account from where you want to link your drive. Now you can select the files that you want to upload

Will the quality of my files change after conversion?

The purpose of ZIP files is to reduce the file size, without compromising on the quality of the actual files. The size of the folder i.e., the ZIP file created will be less than the actual file, but the quality of the file/files will not be compromised.

How much time will it take to create a ZIP file?

The conversion from file to ZIP can take from almost no time to a few seconds. It all depends on the number of files you are converting. Since you can ZIP multiple files in one ZIP folder, the time taken for conversion will be directly proportional to the number of files in the ZIP. One file conversion takes less than a second, while more files can take up to a few seconds.

What will happen if I refresh the browser?

Your data remains secure as no information is uploaded to our server. If you refresh the browser, you'll need to reupload the files for the process to proceed, as files are not stored on our website.

What will be the file size after conversion?

ZIP files use lossless data compression techniques, reducing file sizes without compromising quality. As a result, the file size will be smaller than the original uploaded files, while maintaining their quality.

What are the benefits of using ZIP creator?

You can ZIP your files to reduce the file size, without changing the quality. It helps in sending files across quickly, since the file size is less. Similar or related files can be zipped together and easier to navigate through.

Will my data and files be stored on the server?

No data is uploaded on our server and hence all your files are safe with you. In case you refresh the browser, you will have to reupload the files, for the process to take place since files are not saved on our website.

How can I view the files in the ZIP?

You can easily view your ZIP files on your laptop or PC. Both Windows and iOS operating system have inbuilt applications which can directly extract and open ZIP files. In order to view your ZIP files, you need to extract it. Extracting can easily be done by right clicking on the file and clicking on Extract Files. If your operating system doesn't have an inbuilt software, then you can use our tool ZIP File UnZIPper, in order to view the files.

How can I convert back from ZIP to files?

You can extract your ZIP files to view the files inside. You can directly do it on your laptop or PC, or use our tool ZIP File Unzipper, in order to view the files. This tool also converts back the zipped file into the original file format and you can download the files from our website.

Do I need to download another application to access the ZIP files?

Your laptop or PC has built-in software capable of opening ZIP files, You need not need to download another application to access the files. Simply visit our website to view your ZIP files.

How does this Zip creator work?

Zip file compression occurs through the application of compression techniques that analyze data for redundancy or repetition. Efficient coding is then employed to reduce such redundancies, and then it is packaged into a single zip archive for convenient sharing and storage.

Can I ZIP multiple files?

Yes, you can use ZIP file creator to ZIP together multiple files. All the files will be ZIPped together on one folder.

What is a zip file?

A zip file is a compressed archive containing one or multiple files. The compression process does not compromise the quality of the files, making it useful for convenient sharing and storage purposes. This is a reversible process.

Do you lose quality while zipping files?

Zipping files involves a lossless compression process that maintains the original quality of the file. The resulting zipped file undergoes size reduction without any compromise to its initial quality.

How much does zipping reduce file size?

The extent of size reduction when zipping a file is entirely dependent on the content within the file. If the file contains a lot of extra information, the reduction could be significant reaching up to 90%. On the other hand, if the file lacks much extra information, then the reduction might range from 30% to 40%. However, if the file is already compressed, the reduction might be negligible or nil.

Do Zip files upload faster?

Yes, the zip files will be uploaded faster due to reduced file size. The smaller the data size, the faster the uploading process.

Will my files be saved when using the online Zip Creator?

No, your files will neither be saved nor sent to our servers when using the online zip creator. All of your data is completely secured.

How does this tool handle different file types during the ZIP conversion process?

Our tool handles various file types during the ZIP conversion process by utilizing appropriate compression algorithms, such as DEFLATE, to achieve lossless compression while preserving the original quality of the files. This method will strategically compress each file type like documents, images, or other formats, and unify them into a single compressed archive for easy storage and sharing.

Are there any encryption measures taken to safeguard sensitive information within the ZIP files?

Of course! We use SSL encryption methods and follow privacy measures to safeguard user information. Our only aim to access your files is to compress them for easy storage and sharing.

How is the files zipper tool compatible with different browsers?

The online files zipper tool is compatible with various browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and others. Visit our to experience a user-friendly environment.

Can I zip the files on my mobile device?

Yes, you can zip the files on your mobile device as the tool is designed to be mobile-friendly, offering a seamless and user-friendly interface for file compression on smartphones and tablets.

Can the zipping tool handle large volumes of files?

Yes, our zipping tool can handle large volumes of files. The tool is designed with a well-established compressed algorithm for handling files efficiently regardless of their size.

Is it safe if the tool integrates with cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive?

Certainly! It is secure with our reliable platform,, as the system employs robust measures to protect user data during integrations with Dropbox and Google Drive.

How does the file zipper tool reduce the file without compromising quality?

Our File zipper tool can reduce the file without compromising quality due to its advanced compression algorithm that can easily identify the extra and repeated information within the files and reduces file size while maintaining the quality of the data.

What are the resources that can assist me regarding the ZIP file creator?

There are various options available for seeking assistance with our Zip file creator. Resources like feature highlights, FAQs, a how-to section, videos, and infographics provide valuable guidance. For any specific queries or assistance, please feel free to contact us at and we are here to assist you.

What are the uses of Zip files?

ZIP files are used for many purposes. The primary objective is a reduction of file sizes to save space on devices. They are easily shareable across various platforms. They can organize to maintain the folder structure. Password protection for zip files can enhance confidentiality. The reduced size also helps in easy downloading.

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