How to open RAR files online on Linux

How to Open, Extract and Create RAR Files in Linux

RAR is a widely used programme for producing and extracting compressed archive (.rar) files. When we downloaded an archive file from the internet, we needed a rar tool to extract it.

RAR is freely accessible under Windows operating systems to handle compressed files, although the rar utility is not pre-installed under Linux computers. This article describes how to instal the unrar and rar command-line utilities on Linux systems utilising an official binary tar file to open, extract, uncompress, or unrar an archive file.

You may simply install the unrar package on Debian and Ubuntu-based systems by using the apt-get or apt software, as demonstrated.

If you are using Fedora distribution, you can use the dnf command to install it.

If you’re running a CentOS or RHEL installation, you’ll need to get the most recent unrar/rar file and instal it with the commands below.

Step 2: Open and Extract a RAR File in Linux

Simply use the following command with the unrar e option to open/extract a RAR file in the current working directory.

Simply use the unrar e option to open/extract a RAR file in a specific path or destination directory; it will extract all files in the given destination directory.

To open/extract a RAR file with their original directory structure. just issue below command with unrar x option.It will extract according their folder structure see below output of the command.